*This is an option at your own additional cost **We intend to book top-level 5-Star hotels, but they are subject to availability.
#NB All sections marked Men and Women can be interchanged for any day.



You will probably arrive a little tired and jet-lagged after a long flight, despite the comfort of your first class flight. We rectify this in a variety of ways;

Your hotel is a haven of comfort and charm with an excellent spa and massage services.

You are now in the country globally recognized as having the world’s finest wines and as all connoisseurs would say, wine doesn’t always travel that well, so we’ve brought you to the wine instead. A glass or two is a great way to start unwinding.

You’re in Paris, you don’t need to drive, just stroll. Sit down in a street cafe and take in the view and atmosphere and watch some of the beautiful people passing by. The French have a word for this activity, "flâner," and it’s a sport very well suited for where your hotel is situated, just off the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées, close to the fashion streets around the rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré and the bourgeois shops and streets around the Avenue Victor Hugo

As you start recovering from the flight you can move into second gear, maybe take in a cookery class by the famous LeNotre school, or start a little shopping either on your own or with our own personal shopper who can lead you around some of the best known shops, as well as the best kept secrets. Start slowly, maybe just a pair of shoes from Louboutin or some lingerie from Fifi Chachnil. It was, after all, the French that gave the world the word "lingerie," and if you listen to Frenchmen, they also gave the world the need for lingerie (some may dispute this, but certainly they did better than Scotsmen).

Alternatively, you might like to visit the Eiffel Tower or Le Louvre or Musée d’Orsay or Versailles or, or, or, or. It's not a coincidence that Paris is the most visited city in the world.



The style changes -- you are now in a country of efficiency and reliability. This is not a place to "flâner," this is a place to do things. Appreciate the industrial skills that have made Germany great, visiting the factories and museums of both Mercedes and Porsche which evidences leading edge technology and robotic skills. And at the Porsche museum, you'll see "Sally" the Porsche, "Lightning McQueen’s" love interest from the movie, "Cars."

You are not just in an industrial heartland, you are beside the Black Forest, which has not only gateaux but also some magnificent castles. In particular, Hohenzollern Castle, which for many Californians will seem like a copy of the Disney Castle in Anaheim. But you would need a good lawyer to win your point as Hohenzollern was first built in the 11th century.


Another style change. Munich is again a center of German industrial and technological excellence. The BMW factory and museum here has greatly benefited from the limitations of other countries' technology, especially in the mid 40's. Allied warplanes couldn’t fly this far south, so the city center remains completely intact and is beautiful, with a glorious inner city filled with magnificent German architecture, beer cellars, the finest shops, mouth-watering German cuisine (yes, really) and views onto the Alps.

Your hotel is in the inner city and directly in the pedestrian zones. It is the traditional top hotel in Munich, with a recent complete renovation, so it combines charm, efficiency and historical relevance. If you were watching the Syrian peace discussions in February 2016, you would have seen John Kerry moving in and out of the hotel. Abtech Global Travel, however, would like to reassure you that your visit and activities in Munich will be more discretely dealt with.



This is where you can "shop till you drop." The Armani Hotel is right in the centre of Milan’s top shopping area and is frequented by the world’s fashion community with views across the city from the bar, restaurant and spa, all on the top floors. All the shops are easily accessible by foot along pleasant small streets, with very charming, well-dressed Italian men (beware ladies) and beautiful, elegant Italian ladies (behave men). Some of Milan’s finest restaurants are also in this area, as are some very simple pizzerias and trattorias that just ooze Italy in verve, charm, beauty and loud conversations with full hand signals.

For just pleasant wandering, there is the truly wonderful Duomo (Milan Cathedral), the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, as well as La Scala, the renowned opera house, and just taking in the feel and vitality of Italy’s most dynamic city.

And when you've shopped your heart out, Caffe Baglioni, with its private entrance at Via della Spiga 6, is a chic spot to stop.



This is the place for the people in Europe, if not the world. In the top private beach clubs, like Nikki Beach, you can go for lunch and see Russian oligarchs mixing with Hollywood stars and Saudi Royal family, as well as a light sprinkling of other royalty, lesser stars, the occasional sports personality and the poorer billionaires. Even the wait staff are rich, thanks to the tips. If you are someone or a wannabe, this is the place to be seen and mingle.

A small fashion tip for the ladies though -- this is a place for cool chic, not heavy glam. Beachwear is recommended during the day and certainly not high heels. For the men the same rules, and if they want to be a good Samaritan, we can guarantee success by sitting at the access point to the beach to help the ladies who do arrive on the sand in heels…

We anticipate, however, that when you arrive here after all the travel and excitement, you will be a little tired and will also enjoy a period of relaxation and quiet, so your hotel is a boutique 5-star hotel, with just 28 rooms, all with a direct sea view and either a large 400 sq ft private terrace, or 400 sq ft garden. The restaurants are either gastronomic or pool cool, The spa area is 10,000 sq ft with a full range of services. You are staying in one of the world’s top locations in one of the top hotels.

However, if you do want to venture out, you are surrounded by some fine Provencal vineyards and you can rent some of the cars you have seen earlier in your tour. Or, you might just prefer to relax completely and let the hotel take the strain and drive you to the beaches or the town. In town, just stroll around and take in the atmosphere, see the boules players in the main square that sometimes has famous locals participating (although not Brigitte Bardot), wander around the winding, small streets, take in a shop or two and arrive in the port to see a combination of small fishing boats, sleek yachts and some huge floating palaces,

Even if the price tags are larger than your budget, you can spend many a happy hour admiring the window displays. And, if you can only just afford €500 on a pair of Miu Miu boots, rest assured, the shopkeepers will happily accept plastic.

You won’t want to leave, but it’s from here we will be taking you back.