Exotic Tours &
European Experience

Luxury tours with him and her in mind.


Helping you experience Europe, your way.

Within our European destinations, our highly qualified tour guides provide unparalleled experiences of automobiles for car enthusiasts and fashion for fashionistas.


The Automotive/European tour

Includes a visit to the Mercedes, Porsche, BMW, Ducati, Pagani, Lamborghini, Maserati factories, museums, showrooms, etc.

Fashion, Culinary, European tour

Includes multiple events in Paris, Stuttgart, Munich, Milan, Modena and St. Tropez.


Fast cars and high fashion…for him and her

The best of both worlds

AGT currently offers two simultaneous, inclusive tours, the Automotive/European tour and the Fashion, Culinary, European tour, about 2 weeks long. For simplicity we are calling the tours for men or women, However women are very welcome to join the men's tours. Equally, men are welcome to join the women's tours.